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"...The MoNo Guitar Duo rises up to the challenge, showing off great harmony, confidence and virtuosity:

just listen to the intense and poignant Prelude n.4."

Marco Riboni

Amadeus Magazine

"...The approach of the MoNo Guitar Duo is appropriate and consistent with the spirit of the score ... very graceful and valuable their performance of the music of Castelnuovo-Tedesco."

Guido Zaccagnini

Primo Movimento Radio 3

"I really enjoyed the MoNo Guitar Duo's lyricism and energy throughout their performance. It was really beautiful playing."

Gohar Vardanyan


"Scintilla sounds beautiful! Love the dynamics and energy spectrum throughout the entire three movements. Bravo!"

Marek Pasieczny


"Two people on one guitar. Unusual performance for four hands. This is talent at the highest level."

"...The MoNo Guitar Duo interprets these scores with confidence, well aware of the absolute technical and executive complexity that they brilliantly manage to solve thanks to absolute knowledge and mastery of the compositions."

Da Vinci Classics

"...A very well-coordinated duo. Consistent and thoughtful interpretations."

OPUS 2021 

"...their two guitars which sound like one..."


"...They show a very high level of musicianship and performance experience..."

Frédéric Zigante

"...If you love the guitar, you will come back to this record many times. If you haven't fallen in love yet, be ready to love the MoNo Guitar Duo..."

Robert Majewski

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