MoNo Guitar Duo

MoNo Guitar Duo was formed in 2017 by Italian guitarist Giuseppe Molino and Polish guitarist Anna Krystyna Nowicka. The two musicians first met in 2010 at Maestro Domenico Ascione’s class, held at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory, Rome. Before creating their duo, Nowicka and Molino had already won many awards at international music competitions. MoNo Guitar Duo’s main goal is to deepen and expand the musical repertoire for two guitars with their own transcriptions, including for four hands guitar. Their artistic vision is based on constant interpretative research, focusing mainly on opera and the instrumental repertoire of great Italian and Polish composers.
MoNo Guitar Duo’s most recent accomplishments include several International Music Competition prizes: 1st Prize in the chamber music category at the 18th International Music Competition in Caserta, Italy and the Most Distinguished Musician award at the 28th Ibla Grand Prize and many others.
Over the last three years, the two musicians have performed at numerous Guitar and Musical Festivals in Italy and abroad; they have also performed in front of distinguished opera experts at the prestigious Auditorium Santa Cecilia, Rome, where they played their interpretations of Rossini’s Overtures.
In April 2020, after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, MoNo Guitar Duo launched the
#Vivaldi93vsCovid19 international online music project, a unique worldwide collaboration that emphasises the importance of unity and resilience of musicians in time of Coronavirus. Thanks to this project, the two guitarists promoted a message of solidarity and uniqueness among musicians. Furthermore, #Vivaldi93vsCovid19 was mentioned by many Blogs and Italian newspapers, including the "Corriere della Sera" and "Blog della Musica".
In 2021 they recorded the Opera Omnia for two guitars by Italian composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco for the
DaVinci Classics label.
In addition to this constant research, Anna K. Nowicka and Giuseppe Molino are deeply involved in musical education by giving masterclasses and seminars. They focus on the most important aspects of musicians’ training and growth, such as effective practice techniques, building performance confidence and the impact of wellbeing and creativity in a musician’s career.